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    Nikita Ovchinnikov


    You encountered that issue because of the push notification content.

    Pushwoosh SDK automatically chooses an appropriate notification style by analyzing its content. If a push contains a picture, SDK assigns a BigPictureStyle notification type. If a push contains a lot of text and no other media, SDK assigns a BigTextStyle type and etc. By default it cannot be done using Pushwoosh SDK, as Android itself does not allow applying multiple notification styles to one notification.

    The only way to do it is to create your own custom notification layout, which would contain specific place for an image and few lines of text. Below you can find a sample for a custom layout using Pushwoosh Notification Factory:


    code here


    code here

    1. notification.xml

    code here

    2. styles.xml

    code here

    Regards, Nikita.

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