Switching from Production mode to developer, vise versa


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    Max Kuzakov


    "Cause i remember when trying ad hoc i switched from developer and production mode. And i saw that the number of subscribers went to 0 when switching."

    As per our iOS Configuration Guide, for testing purposes we strongly recommend creating two versions of the app in Pushwoosh — one for production, and the other one for development environment with corresponding private keys. Otherwise, there’s a big chance to lose live subscribers by accidentally invalidating device tokens because of sending a push to the wrong gateway.

    In such cases, all notifications that are being sent have the "Invalid Token" error message in their delivery reports (this information is available in the Push History section of your Control Panel). It is a response we receive from APNs directly, and it usually means that your notification was sent to Production gateways with Development token or vice versa.

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