Help adding categories in IOS app so users can choose specific notification channels from within my IOS app.



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    Nikolai Polkhovskiy


    Actually, we have "Tags" feature that allows you to segment your audience. Please, follow the link to the Segmentation guide to read more about it:

    More explicitly, List tag will help you to achieve the goal you've mentioned:

    List — the same as String type, but each user may have multiple values set simultaneously (music preferences, news categories, cuisine preferences).

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    Romeo Richardson

    I followed the link and read the entire document. I only have one app I am using with Pushwoosh. All I need to do is allow the user to user three different types of notifications. Lets call them A, B, and C. I don't care how they are trigger. Wether a button/toggle or asking the user which ones they want to recieve. As stated earlier The only code in the entire document is for PhoneGap / Cordova SDKJavascript as follows: ` This example involves setTags function used in PhoneGap / Cordova SDK

    Implement Pushwoosh SDK into your project as per our guides; Add the /setTags function: JavaScript //sets a string tag “username” with value “john” and integer tag “deviceId” with value 10 pushNotification.setTags({username:"john", deviceId:10}, function(status) { console.warn('setTags success'); }, function(status) { console.warn('setTags failed'); } );

    //sets a list tag "MyTag" with values "hello", "world" pushNotification.setTags({"MyTag":["hello", "world"]});`

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    Nikolai Polkhovskiy

    Please aslo note that this functionality is available to the Premium level accounts or higher.

    Also, could you please describe the issue you've encountered? Your previous response was kind of unclear.

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