Android equivalent of ios content-available = 1?



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    Max Konev

    This will appear in the next release, I'll post it as soon as it is available. Just need to add this parameter to the API.

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    Rob Willett


    Is there any update on this please? It would be great to see this and stacked notifications in Android.

    I'm hoping that the content-available flag in Android would work like this:

    1. If the content-available flag is set to 1 then the notifications is never displayed on Android but its triggered in the PushWoosh notification code.

    2. A payload is available to be sent with the content-available=1 notification. The payload should be JSON structured. We're not particularly bothered about the size of the payload, if its limited to (for example 255 bytes) thats fine, we will use it as a trigger to do something else.

    3. On Android the pushwoosh notification code runs in the background for after the user backgrounds the app. At the moment I recall the moment the app is put in the background, then all notifications are sent to the OS rather than the app itself. It would be great to have the pushwoosh code handling content-available flags in the background.

    This would allow us to send data updates to the app as needed when the app is in the foreground and in the background without them being displayed to the user.



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