Using our own device segmentation - Any problems?



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    We do something like this. Over 40,000 devices and we store the device IDs in our own database. When we need to push we look up the user's device ID and push to that single device. But our users could have multiple devices, so we actually gather all those device HWIDs into an array and push to all of them. This doesn't seem different from your scenario EXCEPT that we don't push to a 2,000 person segment. The issue I see there would be memory constraints on passing all that data to the PushWoosh API calls. I think you'd have to loop through them, gathering up as many as you can in each loop until you run into memory limits for the array of HWIDs that you'll send in each loop.

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    Rob Willett

    Thanks for this.

    Our situation is very few messages may need to go very many users. So as you suggest we split the list down so that we don't hit the PushWoosh API limits. Pretty simple coding.


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