"Invalid action" error in Ionic app



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    Gayview Mahat


    Could you please let me know whether the sample app itself produces such error? Have you also followed this guide attentively?

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    Hi Benedict,

    How do I go about installing the sample app? I am using cordova and there don't seem to be instructions on how to install.

    I did follow the guide attentively. I mostly copy pasted the code from there into my project.

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    I have decided to use phonegap notifications plugin instead of PushWoosh because I simply cannot get it to work. Maybe next time.

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    We have this same issue. It's a shame an answer was never provided.

    Yes, we have followed every step in the guide.

    What does "invalid action" mean, PushWoosh?

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    Mathilde Rigabert

    Same error here ...

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