MismatchSenderId after upgrade to newer version



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    Probably it is something connected to project settings in Google console -

    I've used the same App_Code and GCM_Project_Number (known as APP1_Settings further) in Pushwoosh Unity Sample App, and it didn't work either. But when I've used another App_Code and coresponding GCM_Project_Number (aka APP2_Settings), it worked like a charm.

    Strange thing is, that when I use the APP1_Settings in a project with older Pushwoosh version, everything is OK. (This older version of PushWoosh reads its App_Code and GCM_Project_Number from AndroidManifest.xml)

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    Nikolai Polkhovskiy


    Could you please contact our support at help@pushwoosh.com with that issue? It'd be easier to investigate the problem knowing your username and your application code.

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