Apps Android not receive Push through RSS, but works if sent through cp.pushwoosh



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    Nikolai Polkhovskiy


    Actually, "com.pushwoosh.plugins.pushwoosh" is a really old version of the plugin which is not supported anymore. Could you please let us know whether the issue can be reproduced with our “pushwoosh-pgb-plugin”? Please note that we have moved to npm, so to add the plugin you should use the following line:

    <gap:plugin name="pushwoosh-pgb-plugin" source="npm" />

    Please refer to our PhoneGap build guide for the most complete information regarding a plugin integration. PhoneGap Build Guide.

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    It couldn't be due to the version of plugin because they are old users, already registered months ago and receiving Push till few weeks. And why they receive Push if I send directly through cp.pushwoosh ?

    Is it possible to send me the list of tokens and tags for this App ? I'll investigate it.

    Does it exists an expiration time of Android token ?

    In the main time we are upgrading the plugin but we also need to understand if it's the unique factor.

    Thanks for you help

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