Integrating both dev and production PW apps into iOS app




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    I've decided to use separate .plist files for the two builds using Xcode settings.

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    Gayview Mahat


    One iOS build cannot be "Development" and "Production" at the same time, since each of them is configured with a different set of certificates (Development / Production), and signed with different provisioning profiles (Development / Distribution).

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    Add a user defined setting to the project build settings, eg PUSHWOOSH_APPID. You can reference this setting's value in the Info.plist by using $(PUSHWOOSH_APPID). This will allow you to have different values for debug and release.

    Alternatively, you could use Xcode config files for debug and release, and in them have a build variable that is referenced in the info.plist.

    Ideally, the Pushwoosh app ID should be configurable at runtime to make this alot easier, or have 2 keys for development and production.

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