Android (native) showing notication as JSON



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    Sorry guys, I worked it out. When the notification comes through and the app is open, it is displayed as a Toast message... You need to parse the JSON data yourself, ie "title" is the body text.

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    Ghassan Safadi

    I am having the same issue. Can you please share more details as what needs to be done? Thx.

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    How you resolved this issue? Please explain in detail

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    Studio Shopping1

    i also want to know how to solve it please

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    Rob Willett

    I think the problem is that you are getting a JSON string through that can then then be converted to an object. You are displaying the serialised JSON string rather than the object. As its a string it looks like a JSON object but isn't really.

    No idea how you convert it to JSON in Java but in Javascript it would be

    var JSONobject = JSON.parse(string).

    This would convert the string back into the actual JS

    and to convert out back to a string

    var string = JSON.stringify(JSONobject)


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