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    Kirill Konev


    Generally, there are two ways to achieve that:

    1. You can add some custom buttons into your application which will call registerDevice/unregisterDevice methods within the app.
    2. You can create custom string (or another convenient type) Tag named, for example, "Notifications" and let your users subscribe to it. After that you can set the appropriate value for this Tag ("On" and "Off", for example) within your application and target your users according to it.

    Please note that such functionality requires additional development and, therefore, you will need to update your live application when implementation is done.

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    Inon Gershovitz

    Hi Andrew,

    and thank you for your answer. 2 question:

    1. are these 2 methods applies both on IOS and Android?
    2. if I'll use the Tag system, what do I do with all our existing users - will I be able to put them all under the new Tag from your end?



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    Kirill Konev

    Hey Inon,

    1. Yes, both solutions can be implemented for iOS and Android;

    2. That depends on the rule you will be using for targeting. In case you will use something like ["Notifications", "EQ", "On"], then your users with the old version of the app will not be receiving anything. The only way you can include your users with the old version of the app into your broadcast push is using the NOTEQ operator. For this case I suggest using the /createTargetedMessage request.

    See Advanced Tags Guide for more details:


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