[Unity] Getting custom data




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    Roman Solomakha


    In order to send custom data with your notification, you should use the "Additional data" tab in your Control Panel or the "data" section of the createMessage request. There, you can simply specify a { "key": "value" } pair. This way, the JSON pair would be delivered with your notification in the "u" parameter of the payload, and when your user clicks on the notification, your app can retrieve the data and process it any way you'd like to.

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    Eliseo Mora

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. This is really helpful for the management if the app in opened as I will receive the message in the function "onPushNotificationsReceived".

    But my question is if I have the game closed, and I get a push notification in the top bar, when I open the game using the notification where I can manage the push.

    Because I don't know if the unity plugin has something for this.

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