Push Notification based on user group


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    Gayview Mahat

    Hi aman12345,

    Generally, there are options for targeting individual devices or groups of them: using device tokens and Tags.

    In the first case you should provide device's push token or hwid (hardware ID) in the "devices" parameter of the /createMessage request. Please note that Android device tokens may be changed with time, therefore using hwids is preferable in case of Android, while using device tokens is preferable for iOS.

    The second option is to set up a Tag, register each device under some value of this Tag, such as alias, ID, e-mail address, etc., and then target particular devices via "conditions" or "filter" parameters. Each Tag may have nearly limitless number of values, therefore one Tag is sufficient for the registration of the whole user-base.

    Please see our Remote API Guide for more details.

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