Differentiate notification type like vedio based notification,image notification etc




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    Sergey Polshcha

    You can use custom data for this. You can pass your JSON object and get it in app with getCustomPushData method of PushNotificationManager. For example, {"video":"video_link"}.

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    As Our Client will be using PushWoosh account for pushing remote notifications , so I can’t force him to use custom data where he have to pass json string (to pass notification type) and even if I say him to pass custom data, there is no guarantee that he will be typing correct type in custom data which I will be using further in application to differentiate push notifications.

    Is there is any other way to differentiate push notifications according to their type?

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    Max Konev

    I would recommend to do Push presets that will have custom data built-in. This way you can make sure the custom data will be entered automatically.

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