Does swithcing to production loose subscribers?




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    Nastya Lagunova


    No, we do not remove any subscribers once you switch to Production. Usually, the only possible case is when you set your certificates for Production, but your build has a Developer mobile provisioning profile ("aps-environment" is set to "development"). In this case once you send out a push, Apple returns "Invalid Token" error, and we remove these subscribers.

    Also, there are rare cases when your build has one Apple Bundle ID, and you uploaded certificates for another Apple Bundle ID. You will also see the "Invalid Token" errors in your Push History.

    If this is not the case, or there are any issues with TestFlight changing your provisioning details/push tokens, please contact our support team with your Pushwoosh Account ID.

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    Max Konev

    No, the subscribers are not reset when you switch sandbox to production. However as soon as you send push notifications old subscribers for the wrong gateway will be removed automatically. I recommend to check push history to see what is going on.

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