Phonegao Push Notification not displaying properly



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    Dmitry Dyudeev


    I have consulted with our developers, and at the moment they are checking whether our sample works as it should.

    Meanwhile, could you please try to set Android SDK in your Control panel to "Pushwoosh"? It might solve the issue.

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    Gerd Tf

    It does work now... kind of. First I did change Android SDK CTR Panel to Pushwoosh. I also set Phongeap versipn to 3.5 instead of 3.1 as the builder was constantly reminding of the outdate version.

    Now I receive push notifications properly BUT as soons as I launch the app I get the following alert every time I launch the app and I don't know why:

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    it seems that you have an alert (token) in the registration process change it to console.warn //register for pushes pushNotification.registerDevice( function(status) { var pushToken = status; /////COMMENT THIS ALERT/// ///alert(pushToken);//// console.warn(pushToken); }, function(status) { console.warn(JSON.stringify(['failed to register ', status])); } );

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