Tesh Woosh from webpanel fails but manual API call works




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    Simple Pie

    Nevermind, I think I'm not using the right string for the "Device Token" section in the web panel.

    I've mistakenly been using the "Pushwoosh Device ID" in the web panel. My remote API calls work because they are written specifically to use the "Pushwoosh Device ID".

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    Dmitry Dyudeev


    Just to confirm: you were using HWID instead of device's push token in the Control Panel?

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    Simple Pie

    Correct, I was using the HWID in the Control Panel. I had assumed the HWID was the same as the Device Token since the Remote API page mentions both the term "token" and deviceID for the same "devices" value in createMessage.

    "devices":[ // Optional. Not more than 1000 tokens in an array. If set, message will only be delivered to the devices in the list. Ignored if the applications group is used

    devices – omit this field (push notification will be delivered to all the devices for the application), or provide the list of devices IDs as described

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