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    Dmitry Dyudeev


    Yes, our Tags are global on the account. However, please note that Tag value is app-specific, i.e. you can use a Tag "score" in all of your games, and in case your user has two or more of your games installed, Pushwoosh would remember the score for all of them.

    As for the targeting question, of course you can! For instance, you can use createTargetedMessage request with the following "devices_filter" section:

    "devices_filter":"A(\"appID\") * T(\"Tagname\",EQ,\"value\")"

    Please see our Advanced Tags guide for details.

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    Dmitry Dyudeev

    Just to follow-up: actually, you can specify whether you would like to have app-specific Tag values when creating a Tag:

    alt text

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    Thanks Dmitry!

    So for example I am making an app for a school, and I would like to have tags for each class in the school. This would all be able to be assigned to one tag such as tag [class] = Class1

    However, if a parent had children in multiple classes, would I be able to set a tag equal to multiple valuse? [class] = Class1, Class2, Class3


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    Dmitry Dyudeev

    Yes, you would! With our List Tags you can have several Tag values for a single application. You would simply have to pass an array of values in setTags request.

    You can save some preferences of your users as well in order to send them notifications about things they are interested in.

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