Apple Pushes not going through or going through slowly.


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    Rob Willett

    I think we are getting to the bottom of this issue.

    We think it is to do with the auto generation of certificates and sandbox/production.

    It is not clear to us how the Pushwoosh auto configuration of certificates is managed and do you need to do two auto configurations, one for sandbox and another separate one for production. We think you need to do both but whats confusing us is the main panel, it seems to indicate that it only does one environment either sandbox or production.

    We managed to find the problem by creating a local build from Xcode, pushing it out to an iPhone and then sending a test pushwoosh down. Going to the Push History we could see an error, invalid certificate, which was progress as we had isolated the problem.

    We then reconfigured using the auto configure system in PushWoosh to add in the Sandbox environment. We could then send a test notification out.

    We then tried to send out a notification to everybody, those in production and those in testing and we got failures, invalid certificates.

    It appears to use that auto configure ONLY works for a single environment, either SandBox or Production and that manual configuration works for both. We configured our last app manually and have had no problems. This time we used auto configure and it has been trouble.

    We'd love to know if this is correct or not.

    Anybody from Pushwoosh reading this?


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