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    Nikita Ovchinnikov


    Please note if there is no Pushwoosh SDK implemented into your app, there is basically no guarantees of the data consistency recorded to the Pushwoosh database. Of course, there is nothing wrong with NOT using the SDK and registering devices from your server via API — in fact, some users are doing this quite successfully and do not encounter any issues. It should be emphasised that in this case you are solely responsible for the data accuracy.


    just want to confirm that push_token is the same device token which can be generated on device using iOS SDK without using your device SDK on the phone/iPad. Please clarify. Thanks

    You are right, Pushwoosh uses the same push token that is provided by APNS, and it could be used in registerDevice request, but it is highly recommended to use Pushwoosh SDK in order to do so automatically.

    Regards, Nikita

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