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    Nikita Ovchinnikov


    Please refer to the /registerDevice request description by following the link provided below:


    Generally, a push token is a unique identifier generated by APNS/GCM in order to securely rote pushes to the particular device.

    On the other hand, HWID is unique string used to identify the device (IDFV/IDFA on iOS and "Android Advertising ID" or ANDROID_ID on Android).

    You can store push tokens and hwids on your server and use the "devices" section of /createMessage request. You should specify tokens or hwids to send push notifications. Not more than 1000 tokens/hwids could be used in an array. If "devices" parameter is set, message will only be delivered to the devices in the list. You can find more useful information in our guide by following that link:


    Also, you can use Tags feature. Please note that since raw push tokens tend to expire from time to time, and hwid's can change in some rare occasions, so it is not a reliable way to target your users. That is why I recommend using Tags feature instead. For instance, you can create a Tag "username" or "deviceID" and use it for targeting. Please note that Tags and Filters can be used without Remote API in your Pushwoosh Control Panel.

    When a user logs in on a device and verifies his/her username, you set a Tag with this username by calling the setTags method in your app. That's all! Now you know that this device belongs to "john_smith" and you can send a message to it with one simple parameter


    The user will receive his notification. Moreover, if "john_smith" has two devices where he is logged in, they will be both tagged as "john_smith", and he will receive a push notification on both of them. You can also send it to several users at once:


    In addition to this, you can create other Tags and let your users subscribe to them. You can find more information on Tags and Segmentation by following that link:


    Regards, Nikita

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    Admin Alticast

    It's a helpful...Thanks~

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