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    Nikolai Polkhovskiy


    Could you please describe the use-case with more details and contact us on for more timely responses?


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    Nicola Mazzucchelli


    our app is a messaging app and we would like to have the sender name in the notification. Trying to explain it better: USER A send a message, when USER B receive it we'd like USER B to receive a notification like "USER A sent you a text".

    Hoping you can help us out, best N

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    Nikolai Polkhovskiy

    May I ask you whether you've considered using our "Dynamic Content" feature for such case?

    Here is the link to the feature guide:

    Basically, this functionality allows you to personalize your push messages by modifying the message content with corresponding Tag values that you collect from your users.

    Please let me know about the results!

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