Getting unread notifications when unlocking the screen




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    Max Kuzakov


    "But when I lock my screen with my app still open, I receive the notification and the alert is displayed but if I ignore the notification and unlock the screen normally, I am back on my app but the push-notification event is never triggered.

    If i go to the notification center and click on the notification or if I unlock the screen by using "slide to view" on the notification everything works as intended and my app receive the notification."

    Actually this is a default Pushwoosh SDK behaviour, if your screen is locked - a notification is shown on the a screen and in a tray; if your app is in foreground and the screen is not locked - there will be only a push callback and an alert.

    "So is there a way to get the notifications that have been received while the screen was locked without ay action from the user or is it a limitation of iOs and/or the cordova plugin ?"

    This is currently not possible due to iOS limitations.

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    Florent Clairambault

    Ok thank you for the answer

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