When my app start, only display "register error"


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    Nikolai Polkhovskiy


    Could you please contact our support service at Help@pushwoosh.com? While contacting please specify the platform you are using (iOS, Android, something else?) and describe the issue as detailed as possible.

    Also, providing the console log from the device in question will greatly help our support engineers to identify the problem and propose a solution in a timely manner.

    For iOS:

    To retrieve the console log from an iOS device, you should connect the test device to your computer, launch Xcode, and open the "Devices" section. Then, select your connected device and click the up-triangle at the bottom left to see the device console:


    At this point you need to launch your application on the test device and let it run for a minute. What we would like to see is the /registerDevice method being called.

    For Android:

    To retrieve the console log from an Android device, you can use any logcat tool, however, we recommend the DDMS monitor of the Android Studio. You should simply open the ddms.bat file (located in C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\tools\ddms.bat), connect your device to the PC, allow USB debugging in the Android settings, and run your application on the device.

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