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    GN Chishti

    At least my device should add with Unauthenticated method. But its not working. Anyone?

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    Nikolai Polkhovskiy


    According to the Miscrosoft guide here:

    Unauthenticated and Authenticated Mode

    Push notifications can operate in unauthenticated or authenticated mode. In unauthenticated mode, the number and frequency of notifications allowed through the Microsoft Push Notification Service is throttled (unauthenticated push notifications are currently limited to 500 per day, per channel). For push notifications in authenticated mode, developers first must register a certificate with the Push Notification Service through Windows Phone Marketplace. The certificate must be issued by a Microsoft-trusted root certificate authority. This certificate then is used to establish a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection between the web service and the Push Notification Service. Authenticated push notifications are not throttled. This section describes how to implement push notifications for your XNA Game Studio game. For more general and detailed information about push notifications on Windows Phone, see Push Notifications for Windows Phone, on MSDN.

    As for the question about device registration, could you please contact our support service at

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    GN Chishti


    I send email for my problem.

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