Why is are pushes notification so slow on my IOS device ? Former Parse.com users.


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    Nikolai Polkhovskiy


    Actually, Pushwoosh is using APNs / GCM / etc. gateways in order to deliver notifications, since these services are solely responsible for generating push tokens and using them later to route the notifications to the particular apps on the particular devices. As you may know, these services do not provide any guarantees regarding the speed of notifications as well as the actual delivery.

    Our regular accounts are operated under Terms of Service, and the performance and availability on the public cloud (regular accounts) may fluctuate depending on many factors such as parameters of the particular push or current loads on the servers, and as a result we cannot guarantee any particular level of uptime, send rate, and other aspects of service availability.

    Please also note, that there are additional factors, like the stability of internet connection on the device that is receiving a push.

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