Phonegap build version 3.7.0 - fails on plugin build



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    I have the same issue and here is the informations I gathered until now:

    1. This error is, in my case, caused by 2 plugins conflicting each others: pushwoosh-pgb-plugin & cordova-plugin-google-analytics
    2. The error become more explicit if you set a version code for google analytics as "0.7.1" -> "Two of the plugins in your app are incompatible as they both add a file with the same name...View logs to find.."
    3. Errors only happens on android, everything is OK on windows & ios
    4. Despite the error message, the build log is completely clueless, no infos about what is exactly causing this.
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    This is interesting, but I don't have a google analytics plugin. I have many more plugins, so maybe it's one of them.

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