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    Max Konev

    What kind of service are you talking about?

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    Thet Naingt Swe

    I asked about that feature before but didn't get any luck to make it right. It would be great if somone from pushwoosh answer the question and let us know whether these feature is already implemented or not..

    Problem We don't receive notifications once the app is not running (closed) .. not just hide out. The main reason is that the current service the pushwoosh is running on is closed once the application is closed.

    But how about what'sapp, Facebook and email notifications are received all the time? Because their services are run and background so even when the app is closed, it's still running in background so that notifications can receive even if you close the app.

    How do we enable that feature on pushwoosh? I don't know. Please some engineer from Pushwoosh explain about this and let us know whether it has plan to add that or not.

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    Gary Fenton

    Pushwoosh have updated their PhoneGap plugin earlier this year so the process continues to run in the background. It also survives a reboot without the user having to open the app, thus allowing users to continue to receive PNs.

    I suggest you try it out and make sure you're using the latest SDKs/plugins.

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