No Production pushes and support not able to help



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    Gayview Mahat

    As soon as I switch to aps_production cert with same .p12 and distribute the app as distribution

    What do you mean — the same? Is it the same .p12 used with development certificate?

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    From the Pushwoosh guide: 4.1. Open up the Keychain Access Application and select the ‘Keys’ category.

    Click on the private key associated with your iOS Push Certificate and click ‘Export Items’ in the menu (see Figure 14).

    Please note this is not a private key for your iOS Development certificate.

    You will be prompted to create a password, you will need to enter the same password on Pushwoosh configuration page.

    This is the second file you need to upload to Pushwoosh. You also need to enter the same password you have used to create the Private Key (just few lines above).

    For me there is no .p12 Development key for pushes in the "Keys" category. It is the Production .p12 which oddly only works using the development cert.

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