Notification on tray even when app is in foreground




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    Arthur Skopintsev

    You can remove next code line in your PushNotification.m in order to enable these notifications:

    pushManager.showPushnotificationAlert = FALSE;

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    Is there any way to do it without modifying the source code? I don't want to have my own version just for a line of code. I will submit an issue in the github repo anyway. Thanks.

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    Max Konev

    At the moment you have to modify the code. For Android it is (

        //comment this code out if you would like to receive the notifications in the notifications center when the app is in foreground
        cordova.getActivity().registerReceiver(mReceiver, intentFilter);

    It will be a part of the settings in the next updates.

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    Max Konev


    For Cordova plugin it's supported in the latest published release.

    Use the following metadata key in AndroidManifest.xml

    <meta-data android:name="PW_NO_BROADCAST_PUSH" android:value="true" />

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