PushWoosh statusbar notification on android




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    Max Konev

    If you go to the application settings in the control panel make sure you select "Pushwoosh" radio button. This would set the payload to the expected format for Pushwoosh SDK. Let me know if you have any problems getting to the app settings in the control panel.

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    Phonegap Noob


    Changed via https://cp.pushwoosh.com/ -> Application Settings -> SDK Settings Android to "Pushwoosh" and it works fine now.

    Thanks for help. Best regards.

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    Hi, Changing the Android SDK to "Pushwoosh" allows for the title to be displayed in the status bar. However, the notification no longer shows up in the notification centre. Changing the Android SDK to "Cordova" shows the message in the notification centre, however the title of the notification is blank.

    We need the messages to show up in the notification centre, so that they can be used to deep link into the app.

    How do we configure PW to show messages in the notification centre with titles?


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