Is android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE necessary?




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    Gayview Mahat


    In fact, READ_PHONE_STATE permission is needed to obtain the UUID of the device.

    Generally, Android ID is used as HWID (hardware ID) in Pushwoosh; if it is invalid, then the IMEI is used, that's why it is recommended to add READ_PHONE_STATE permission. If no device ID is available, then the random UUID is generated.

    Therefore, adding READ_PHONE_STATE permission is not necessary.

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    Great, thanks. As a test i've tried removing it from our app. We're currently running a beta through the Play Store.

    Do you know of any info regarding how often the hardware id is invalid?

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    Gayview Mahat

    There are no hard numbers on how often ANDROID_ID is unavailable, but I believe that happens quite rarely. Please also note that if ANDROID_ID is not available, features like AppGroups or cross-application user targeting will not work for this device.

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    Pascal Weber

    @Pushwoosh: Please remove this permission from the guide if it's not needed anymore.

    It's not nice to just add every conceivable permission to the guide, because they might have been needed 5 years ago.

    Adding new permissions will cause auto-update not to work, which means you will lose exactly those users that aren't using the app regularly, and that you wanted to reach with push notifications.

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