Sending not working at all




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    Nikolay Semenov

    Due to the peak load our primary sending queues were overloaded, so we've set up additional ones to cover the whole load. As for now, the performance of the system is getting back to the stable state, however, we will continue further investigation of all possible causes of the issue to avoid it in future.

    Additionally recently we have noticed that iOS may delay the returning of the unregistered tokens. Therefore we have added the Apple Feedback Service check on the daily basis. Even though unregistered tokens may appear in this Feedback response only several days after uninstall of the application.

    Our apologies for the delay with responses for your tickets. As you can see, we have quite a hot time with the ever growing users' activity=)

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    Michael Samuel

    Thanks Nikolay very much :) Is it okay to submit support tickets by sending emails to: or I must use the "contact us" form

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