How does android _ banner work?




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    Danil Sharabarov


    There are two ways to send a banner:

    1) Control Panel

    In the Control Panel you need to select the "Android settings tab". Enter the URL of the banner in the field "Banner", and then you can send a push.

    2) API

    There is section "android banner" in our "Method /createMessage" ( for creating a push message through the API. You can enter the URL of the banner in this field.

    Note that the functionality of sending banners only works on versions of Android 4.0 or above. And this feature is not supported by most Samsung models, since they use the TouchWiz technology, and it has some limitations.

    Phonegap Build in a closed-source builder and there can be specific behaviour that we can't control even with our plugin.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further help.

    Kind regards, Danil Sharabarov Pushwoosh Team

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    Thank you very much for your response! You pointed out a lot of useful things I did not know about this feature and its limitations. I did had a hunch it was an issue related to Phonegap Build or the PGB PW plugin. I have postponed the development of what I was doing with this feature for the moment, but I think I have figured out a workaround (using custom data, silent notifications and other PGB plugins). I will update here if I can sort this out.

    Thanks again and best regards!

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    Sukal Mondal

    Hi, What would be the optimum size for banner image? I tried this feature with 1024x512 sizes and it didnt resize the image properly. Allowing for left and right sections being cropped.

    Can anyone help with resolution of images which worked for them for banners on Android? Thanks, Sukal

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