Not receiving Windows phone 8 tiles notification



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    More specifically the message is not receiving when we specify the url for Front background image or Back background image in the control panel.

    code :

    IEnumerable<string> tileTrustedServers = new String[] { "",""}; NotificationService service =

    NotificationService.GetCurrent(Application.Resources.Config.pushwoosh_id, null, tileTrustedServers);

    and in Control panel :

    Front background image :

    Back background image :

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    Looking further into the issue, found the following details :

    The pushSDK is using Microsoft.Phone.Notification.HttpNotificationChannel.BindToShellTile(Collection <uri>) Method which is having it's own limitation as per the below link.

    Notes from the post :

    There are a few caveats related to remote images: Tiles Overview

    • Because of network variability and performance reasons, consider using local resources for Tile images.
    • https is not supported for remote images.
    • Remote images are limited to 80 KB or less or they will not be downloaded.
    • Remote images must download in 30 seconds or less or they will not be downloaded.
    • If the BackGround or BackBackGround images fail to load for any reason, none of the other properties set in the update will be changed either.

    But found another way, ie using local image, if we pass the local app tile image, it will work.

    For eg:

    I have used Front background image : /Assests/Tiles/FlipCycleTileMedium.png and got it worked!!

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