Pushwoosh create message get 200, but says UnknownDevices


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    Dmitry Dyudeev


    The "UnknownDevice" warning indicates that the push token that you have put in the "devices" section of the createMessage request isn't in our databases.

    There are several reasons for that:

    1) The application was deleted from the device.

    2) The push token was renewed. APNs/GCM/etc. tends to change push tokens from time to time, and we remove outdated push tokens from our servers.

    3) The least likely case - there is a misprint in your request.

    Please note that in order to keep your userbase up-to-date you can use getUnregisteredDevices method, which would return a last thousand of removed push tokens:

        "auth": "API_access_token",

    Aside from that, we can export the list of your subscribers upon a request and send it to you. Please contact our Support team in case you would like us to do it.

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