can i send pushes to user groups?



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    Dmitry Dyudeev


    Generally, it is possible. You can maintain the list of push tokens on your server and send a targeted message using "devices" section of createMessage request. However, I am not sure there is a way to remove outdated tokens from your userbase automatically, especially since both APNs and GCM tend to change push tokens from time to time.

    That is why I strongly recommend to use our Tags feature instead. In my opinion, it is just the thing you are looking for. For instance, you want your users to receive news about their favourite sport. You simply create a list Tag named "Sport" with as many values as you want, for instance, "basketball", "soccer", "football", "tennis", "chess", "draughts", etc.

    When a user logs in on a device, he/she chooses their favourite sport, and you set a Tag with this information by calling the setTags method in your app. That's all! Now you know that this user is interested in basketball.

    In order to send a notification to all basketball fans, you can use the following:


    All the devices with Tag value "basketball" will receive a notification.

    You can also send it to several groups at once:


    In addition to this, you can create other Tags and let your users subscribe to them.

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    Hi Dmirty,

    thank you for your response and possible solution. However our customer would prefer to store users push tokens server side and generate groups dynamically. Do you - or someone else here- know if server side storing of push tokens can cause problems in appstore review process?

    Best and thanks Janosz

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