setTags device not found



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    Szabolcs Filep

    SetTags on remote API is not working in iOS for us too.

    We've tried phongap "device" plugin's hwid, which is something like this : C8110C7A-4FDC-4C87-AB9E-A7C6AB7BD4C9, but the tags are still not set.

    Anyone how managed to get the remote setTags to work?

    Thanks, Szabolcs

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    Dmitry Dyudeev


    Could you please provide your Pushwoosh username?

    Please note that Tags is actually one of our Premium-level features, so it wouldn't work in case your account is a Free one.

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    Szabolcs Filep

    We do have a premium account, our account is under, thanks for helping..

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