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    Just found this one after posting :

    Is there any way to actually call a method to get the status?

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    Finally figured out how to resolve my issue :

    However, it doesn't answer the general question of : Is there a method to call to check status of notifications?

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    Roman Solomakha


    Please note that if push notifications was rejected after a user had been using your app for some time Pushwoosh unregisters this device from pushes. In case a user rejects to receive pushes right upon installation, Pushwoosh will not know about it because device would not register for pushes. I think that the "getUnregisteredDevices" API method would be useful for your case. With this method you can retrieve a list of unsubscribed devices.

    A POST request with the following code should be sent to

     "auth": "API_ACCESS_TOKEN",

    And the response from the server will look as follows:

           "1":[{"push_token":"test_purpose_record","datetime":"2014-05-22 12:59:14"},
                 {"push_token":"test_purpose_record","datetime":"2014-05-22 12:48:21"}
           "3":[{"push_token":"APA91bGxH6YG2iFXjnm5qd-m2TuNNMhj-ErA21_oWh5Dc4HgGIlMqcg6RQhIvVP_edqvQ4Vi_cHw1Sku-NhzumaYecz6zFI4I_aSgAUFwpBrQOA7aWR4pXlqUVFeSejKDunNeiU1ZQ59hQRiqm4nOqWkLjhVd6Dy7g","datetime":"2014-05-22 12:42:21"}

    Once requested this list will be removed from the logs and the next similar request will provide the next pack of tokens. One response contains up to 1000 tokens.

    I hope that this info would be helpful for you.

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