no report when push sent



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    Alexander Spotar

    Hi! Could you please create a support ticket via our Contact Us form ( regarding the issue, and provide your Pushwoosh username there? This way we will be able to locate the message and look into it.

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    Vincent Sabourdy

    It's done request #1548

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    Dmitry Dyudeev

    In most cases the absence of the "Report" button indicates that you have sent a notification to an empty list of devices. There are three possible reasons for this to happen:

    1. You are using invalid push token. If you are using push tokens to target your users, you must be really careful. APNs, GCM, ADM, etc. tend to change push tokens from time to time, so it's necessary to renew your userbase quite often.

    2. You are sending a notification specifying a Tag value, but none of your subscribers fits this condition. For instance, you are targeting a specific user, which has recently deleted your application.

    3. The least likely case is that your application doesn't have any subscribers yet.

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